Michael Hoffman’s false claims about Romney and Ryan’s plans

In a recent screed for the leftist dodbuzz.com website, Michael Hoffman makes the following false claims about Mitt Romney’s and Paul Ryan’s budget plans and sequestration:

“Both plans protect the Defense Department with Romney going as far to hint that he could support some Republican proposals to keep defense spending at 4 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. That would bump spending for the Pentagon up $100 billion versus the doom and gloom over the potential cuts from sequestration.”

What utter garbage!

Firstly, the warnings of the “doom and gloom”, as you call it, or rather, the disastrous consequences that sequestration would bring about (coming on top of the $487 bn first tranche of defense cuts mandated by the BCA and all previous Obama defense cuts) are factually correct, as backed up by holistic analysis by myself and others, and as testified under oath by the same Joint Chiefs and other generals whose credibility you claim to defend, Mr Hoffmann.

With regards to sequestration, there are only THREE possibilities:

a) the Joint Chiefs and other generals are deliberately lying to scaremonger the public;
b) the Joint Chiefs and other generals are ignorant hacks who don’t know what the heck they’re talking about; or
c) the Joint Chiefs are actually right to sound the alarm about sequestration.

Which is it, folks? Or is it that when the Joint Chiefs say defense cuts are okay, they’re right, but when they warn AGAINST defense cuts, they’re wrong?

As for the claim that Mitt Romney’s proposal to raise defense spending to 4% of GDP would increase defense spending by $100 bn a year, that is also a blatant lie. The current base defense budget, $531 bn as of FY2012, amounts to 3.47% of America’s GDP, which is $15.29 trillion according to the CIA WF. Raising the defense budget to exactly 4.00% of GDP would raise the annual topline to $611.6 bn, or just $80.6 bn above today’s level.

However, total military spending today amounts to $645 bn, or 4.21% of GDP, so assuming that OCO spending is cut (as American troops withdraw from Afghanistan) and abolished after 2014, Romney’s plan would actually reduce total military spending… until GDP grows significantly above $15.29T.


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