The GOP should not appease the Ron Paul mob

Last month, during the GOP convention, the RNC pathetically tried to appease Ron Paul’s fanatical supporters by, among other things, seating delegates from Louisiana, Maine, and several other states as Ron Paul’s, by mulling a gold standard plank, and even by screening a video tribute to the isolationist loon from Texas in which prominent Republicans such as Mitch McConnell and Jim Demint starred.

Yes, you read that correctly. The traitor from Texas who called America an empire, accused it of occupying hundreds of countries, and blamed 9/11 squarely on it, will now be honored with a video tribute to him.

Never, not even in my worst nightmares, did I think that the GOP would stoop so low to appease his mob of supporters. Not only is that immoral and wrong by itself, it is also electorally stupid.

Ron Paul supporters are fanatics. You can’t appease them or reason with them; they’re completely immune to reason, facts, and logic, as is their demigod. They will never vote for any GOP candidates for any office unless they were Ron Paul, Rand Paul, or their clones like Kurt Bills. Right now, even after all of these unilateral concessions by the RNC, Ron Paul supporters are still threatening to stage a stink on the convention floor and to vote for Gary Johnson (which would only ensure Obama’s reelection).

Ron Paul himself has still, to this day, refused to make any concessions of his own. He still refuses to endorse Mitt Romney or to say that Romney would be a better President than Obama (which he would be). He threatens to run as a third party candidate. And don’t hold your breath waiting for Ron Paul to agree to the GOP platform.

Ron Paul and his mob of supporters operate by the “it’s my way or the highway” principle. They will either get everything they want, including a presidential nomination for Ron Paul, or they will take their toys and go home.

That is no big loss. They are a tiny portion of the electorate and would never vote for any Republican not named Paul, anyway. Ron Paul himself endorsed socialist Cynthia McKinney, rather than John McCain, in 2008. He and his supporters do not agree with conservatives and other Republicans on anything, except a few select issues. Their views are far outside the mainstream of American politics and Republican ideology/policies.

But most importantly, Ron Paul is a traitor. He has wrongly accused America of occupying hundreds of countries (despite the fact that in all but ca. 12 key allied countries, there are fewer than 500 US troops and in most countries the only troops present are Marine Embassy Guards and military attaches); of occupying Afghanistan and Iraq; and of being responsible for 9/11. He has even outed himself as a 9/11 truther, claiming that after 9/11, there was “glee” in the Bush White House. In other words, he has been spreading enemy propaganda and giving America’s enemies aid and comfort. He has authored thousands of racist newsletters and has, for a long time, coddled 9/11 truthers, racists, anti-Semites, and neo-Nazis.

And the GOP pays tribute to this scumbag? To this vile traitor who belongs in prison?

Shame on you, GOP! You are now no better than the Democrats.

Ron Paul belongs in jail, not on the pedestal.


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