China opposes nuclear disarmament, destroys “nuclear-free world” notions

China’s official government newspapers – i.e. mouthpieces for the Chinese Communist regime – have openly declared that China should and will not only retain but even grow its already large nuclear arsenal, including the number of warheads (total and deployed), missiles, and other delivery systems.

Moreover, one of these government newspapers has even stated China should use nuclear weapons to coerce other countries.

Such statement by the Chinese propaganda machine makes it clear that China does not intend to ever give up its nuclear arsenal and, if anything, wants to grow it, even though it already consists of up to 3,000 nuclear warheads (far more than the 300-400 that American intelligence agencies and pro-nuclear-disarmament NGOs) admit to.

Nonetheless, these organizations and individuals, as well as President Obama, the State Department, and the pro-disarmament bureaucrats that have infested the DOD still continue to vastly understate China’s arsenal and still insist that the US pursue a de facto unilateral disarmament policy in vain pursuit of “a world without nuclear weapons”, even though it will never exist and even though the only country that Obama can verifiably disarm is the US.

For years, I’ve been saying that a world without nuclear weapons will never exist and that pursuing universal, bilateral, or unilateral nuclear disarmament would be suicidal as it would deprive the US of its most effective, no-fail, most powerful deterrence instrument: its nuclear deterrent. Turns out I was right all along.

You can read more here in Bill Gertz’s excellent article.


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