Exposing the anti-defense hacks on the SDTF

Readers of this website may recall that in 2010, far-left Congressmen Barney Frank and Ron Paul stood up a panel consisting of 14 anti-defense hacks who collectively recommended extremely deep cuts in America’s defense budget, modernization programs (including the outright closure of 11 crucial modernization programs), the nuclear deterrent, the force structure, military personnel, their benefits, and America’s deployments of troops abroad. They called, inter alia, for deep cuts to the nuclear deterrent, cutting the Navy by 57 ships (including 2 carriers, down to just 9), cutting military personnel by 200,000 people, retiring at least 4 Marine Battalions, killing the F-35 JSF and the V-22 Osprey, unilaterally killing the entire bomber leg of the nuclear triad (thus giving up on this crucial nuclear capability and on conventional bombers), cutting defense research spending by $50 bn over the next decade, and to “severely curtail missile defense” (in their words, taken directly from the report). In short, they recommended to completely gut America’s defense. (http://frontpagemag.com/2012/daniel-greenfield/ron-pauls-soros-defense-plan/2/)

Such proposals must lead one to ask whether these hacks recommended such cuts out of plain ignorance of the damage they would do to the US military, or deliberately in the knowledge that the US military would be gutted and desiring precisely that outcome.

Given the ridiculous defense cuts proposals they have made, the ignorant statements and proposals they have made on other occassions, their apparent total lack of knowledge on defense issues, and, with the singular exception of Christopher Preble, total lack of military experience, it’s quite likely that ignorance was the case.

But given their institutional affiliation, it is also quite likely that they – even though ignorant – know that their proposals, if implemented, would totally gut the military, and they nonetheless want to see that happen.


Look at the institutional affiliation of these people. 9 out of the 14 panel members are hacks from organizations financed by George Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI):

  • Winslow T.  Wheeler, an old, aging, anti-defense hack, is with the “Center for Defense Information” (which should be called the Center for Defense MISINFORMATION), which is financed by Soros’s OSI. He’s also a contributor to Counterpunch, an extremely leftist mag that even Stalinists think is too lefty. The CDI’s stated mission is to strengthen “national and international security through international cooperation [and] reduced reliance on unilateral military power to resolve conflict” – in other words, to induce the American people and the Congress to gut the US military so that America won’t be able to act militarily abroad in a unilateral manner and will have to rely on other countries.
  • Lawrence J. Korb is a senior hack for the Soros-funded “Center for American Progress”, a far-left organization which is called “Obama’s ideas factory.”
  • Miriam Pemberton is with the Institute for Policy Studies, a far-left group which has, among other things, called on Obama to act as a king through executive orders. Pemberton also serves on the National Priorities Project, a leftist group which says its mission is to “influence national spending priorities.” – in the direction of more entitlements and discretionary welfare spending, of course, not in the direction demanded by the Constitution. The NPP is funded, of course, by George Soros, who not only finaces extremely leftist institutions but is also a Nazi war criminal (during WW2, he helped the Nazis and Hungarian fascists round up Jews for deportation to Auschwitz and says he’s proud of that because that gave him “power”).
  • Christopher Hellman is also with the NPP.
  • William D. Tartung is with the New America Foundation, another leftist group. His sole “experience” with nat-sec matters is appearing in the far-leftist, conspiracy-theorist movie “Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire.”
  • Charles Knight and Carl Conetta are anti-defense hacks from the so-called “Project on Defense Alternatives”, a group that routinely overestimates America’s defense spending by a wide margin and advocates deep defense cuts (while falsely claiming that such cuts would not make America less safe), including a 19% reduction of the military’s total size and a 17% reduction of the ground force. Some members of its board are also members of other institutions that are funded by George Soros.
  • Paul Kawika Martin is with “Peace Action.” David Greenfield describes it thus: “You might know PA better by its old name, the “Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy” or just “SANE,” a Communist front group investigated by none other than Senator Thomas Dodd. PA has the same attitude toward American defense that burglars have toward alarm systems in other people’s homes. They don’t like them very much. And they have a “five year strategic plan” for the job.” As for Martin himself, Greenfield says that “Paul Kawika Martin travels around fighting progress on board The Rainbow Warrior and is also involved with Physicians for Social Responsibility. Martin has also collaborated with the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), a front for the Iranian regime. I think you can guess by now who funds Physicians for Social Responsibility.”
  • Another member of the SDTF was Laicie Olson of the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation, a far-left group that calls for unilateral American nuclear arsenal cuts, cancellation of missile defense development, and opposes any modernization of the remaining US nuclear deterrent. During the Cold War, it similarly advocated leftist policies and opposed Reagan’s buildup and modernization of the US nuclear arsenal. David Greenfield has revealed that “the Center is actually a subset of the Council for a Livable World. Olson originally worked for Physicians for Social Responsibility.”
  • Another member of the SDTF was Heather Hurlburt with the National Security Network. As Greenfield has reported, “The NSN’s goals are to “build a strong progressive national security and counter conservative spin.” Its founder was part of Obama’s transition team and resigned to work for Janet Napolitano. Soros’s OSI helped fund NSN, and its Special Counsel was on the NSN Policy Committee.”
  • Another hack on the SDTF was Laura Peterson, a “senior policy analyst” for Taxpayer for Common Sense, a group that supports deep defense cuts. Peterson herself not only participated in the writing of the SDTF’s proposals to gut defense but also later co-wrote the similar (and also cretinous) defense cuts proposals co-published by TCS and POGO, and thoroughly debunked here. On her Twitter account, Peterson routinely advocates deep defense cuts, lies that they wouldn’t be detrimental to America’s national security, maligns crucial defense programs and capabilities as “waste”, and exaggerates America’s defense spending. In other words, she’s a typical anti-defense hack – utterly ignorant, irredeemably biased, and very opinionated.

So, in sum, 9 of the anti-defense hacks on the STDF are members of Soros-funded/affiliated organizations and 2 are from the Murray-Rothbard-funded CATO Institute. One of them, Christopher Preble, claims that America’s military power is a “problem” and even titled his book that way (The Power Problem). That is why he calls for deep defense cuts – because he sees America’s military power as a problem, and wants that “problem” to be reduced.

As David Greenfield rightly asks:

“Ron Paul proposed to put a bunch of Soros-funded think tank experts in charge of dismantling the US military. Think about that for a moment. Ron Paul supporters can see conspiracies in a glass of water; can they see anything wrong with this picture? Can they see anything wrong with having a man from a group that was investigated for its Communist ties in the driver’s seat on national defense?


Not only did Paul join forces with Barney Frank to slash military preparedness, but he ended up putting the experts of a foreign billionaire with global ambitions in charge of the project. And that was what he did as a congressman. Can anyone imagine what he would do as president?

But why would Ron Paul allow George Soros that much power and influence over America’s defense policy? There are a number of possibilities. There is the possibility that Ron Paul just didn’t know and didn’t bother to do his research. Which is not much of a recommendation for the job he’s running for. There’s another possibility that Ron Paul knew and didn’t care, that he had no objection to being part of a left-right alliance against the “American Empire” with Soros. But there’s also a third possibility.

During the previous election, Americans Against Escalation in Iraq (AAEI) ran an ad praising Ron Paul for his position against the war. AAEI was an umbrella group for MoveOn.org, the Center for American Progress, SEIU, Americans United For Change, the National Security Network and others in the progressive bestiary. A number of those beasties were Soros groups.

I’m not one to dabble in conspiracy theories, but when Soros pays for an ad praising you during the Republican primaries and then you put his experts in charge of America’s defense policy, then maybe some questions should be asked.”

Indeed. I believe that Ron Paul knew who these anti-defense hacks are, what organizations they represent, who finances these organizations (and thus pays their salaries), and what disastrous defense policies they advocate) – and he embraced them, because as his voting record shows, he’s as hostile to a strong defense – indeed, to any kind of defense – as they are. Among other things, he has voted to cut funding for the Ground-Based Interceptor BMD system and to unilaterally cut the US fleet of ICBM’s to just 300 missiles.

So it’s not surprising that he has stood up a panel of George-Soros-sponsored anti-defense hacks to produce a biased, pre-determined report calling for deep, reckless defense cuts – he has advocated and voted for such policies for many years.



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