About that Continuing Resolution

A frequently-repeated myth (despite the abundant evidence to the contrary) is that Republicans are “protecting Pentagon spending at all costs”. This is of course untrue; in the last 3.5 years, Republicans have agreed to many defense cuts, including sequestration.

And when crafting the FY2013 Continuing Appropriations Resolution, they’ve also made many cuts in the defense budget and denied the DOD authority to fund many crucial programs, leading Democratic (!) Senator Daniel Inouye to comment:

Provisions deemed essential by the Secretary of Defense to preserve authorities for on-going programs in support of our efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq are not in the bill. Special provisions to allow the Department of Defense to award contracts for a few critical programs were denied. (…)

The bill denies necessary authorities for dozens of programs. In some cases the Administration will find cumbersome work-arounds. For others it will have to slow down work on on-going programs, increasing cost and inefficiency. And, many programs will simply have to cease activity and await additional Congressional action on appropriations bills. (…)

Yet, I would point out that the House has not played favorites. No Department was granted all the authorities it required. The Defense Department has not been singled out for special help by House Republicans. If anything it has been treated more harshly than many other agencies.”

See? The DOD has not been singled out for special help by House Republicans, and if anything, it has been treated MORE harshly than many other agencies.

The myth that Republicans are protecting defense spending at all costs is not even close to being true. It’s a blatant lie, and those who are propagating it are children of the Father of Lies himself.



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