The failed “reset policy” of the Obama administration

Because Barack Obama is in a tough reelection fight against Republican challenger Mitt Romney, whom unbiased polls show close to defeating Obama, he and his administration are desperate for reelection and often resort to blatant lies in an attempt to win it.

One of these lies is that Obama’s “reset policy” is a success. The current Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, James Miller, is the latest Obama government official to repeat that false claim.

Yet, if one looks at the facts – at Russia’s behavior – instead of Obama administration spin and pretty words from Dmitri Medvedev – it becomes clear that the “reset” is an utter, abysmail failure (just like the rest of Obama’s record). It has delivered no benefits to the US whatsoever, and its only beneficiary is Russia, which has pocketed one unilateral American concession after another and still demands more.

Under the “reset”:

  1. Russia’s human rights atrocities and its continued occupation of Georgian territory is being ignored.
  2. Russian threats of nuclear attack against America and its allies are being ignored or met with appeasement.
  3. Russian bomber incursions into US airspace, such as the one that happened on July 4th over California, and Russian submarine excursions into the Gulf of Mexico, are being ignored and explained away by Obama apparatchiks.
  4. The US has signed the one-sided New START treaty, which obliges only the US (not Russia) to cut its strategic nuclear arsenal. Russia is allowed to grow its arsenal, has done so since New START’s ratification, and continues to do so. Its plans call for building up to New START ceilings. The treaty does not apply to tactical nuclear weapons, in which Russia has a 10:1 advantage over the US, and does not count Tu-22M Backfire bombers as intercontinental, which they are (with aerial refueling). The treaty also places limits on missile defense. Russia has threatened to withdraw from the treaty if the US develops its missile defense systems further – qualtitatively or quantitatively.
  5. Russia is allowed to join the WTO without improving its human rights record. A bipartisan bill to addres this issue, the Sergei Magnitsky Act, has been met with a veto threat by Obama.
  6. Russia continues to oppose any further sanctions on Iran, Syria, or North Korea, and it continues to arm Syria, Venezuela, and other rogue states with tons of weapons. It is also threatening to do the same with Iran, and its defense industry is intensively lobbying the Russian government to authorize such sales.
  7. Russia continues to supply weapons and other equipment, including possibly AL-31DF 117S TVC engines, to China.
  8. Russia has engaged in a hateful campaign of anti-American propaganda both at home and abroad, including in the US, where the shamelessly anti-American, Kremlin-funded RussiaToday TV channel operates (even leftist publications like Politico call it “the Pravda on the Potomac”).
  9. Russian government-paid thugs have harrassed America’s ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul.

These are the fruits of the “reset”.

James Miller falsely claimed that the reset has produced two putative benefits: stronger sanctions against Iran and support for NATO in Afghanistan, specifically, opening the Northern Distribution Network.

As for Iran, the sanctions approved by Russia since 2009 have been of marginal value since even before 2009, Iran was one of the most severely punished/sanctioned, most isolated, most widely-condemned countries in the world. Yet, none of this has stopped Iran from further continuing the development of nuclear weapons. Iran is now very close to obtaining a nuclear bomb, probably within a year.

Sanctions and condemnation will never stop rogue regimes like Iran from developing nuclear weapons, because these regimes don’t care about such measures and are quite willing to put their people through the hardships entailed by such sanctions (condemnation is totally irrelevant) to obtain nuclear weapons, which remain the dream of every tyrant around the world. And as North Korea has shown, if you persist and ignore sanctions and condemnation, you will eventually obtain nuclear weapons.

As for Afghanistan, Russia would’ve helped the US fight there with or without the reset – because it is in Russia’s interest to do so. Defeating Islamic terrorists and the Taleban in Afghanistan is even more in Russia’s interest than in America’s, given that several former Soviet republics have a border with Afghanistan and Islamic terrorism from that country is sure to spill into these countries and Russia if NATO doesn’t win there.

The NDN would’ve been available to the US in any event.

What Russia has done under the reset has been to bribe these former Soviet republics to deny the US access to their military bases (including airbases such as the K2 Airbase) which has made supplying NATO troops in Afghanistan much more difficult and has made NATO more dependent on Russia’s help. Russia has thus been interfering with and disturbing NATO’s effort to win in Afghanistan.

So no, the “reset” has not delivered any benefits to the US at all. None whatsoever. That is not my opinion, that is a fact.

The truth is that by any objective measure, the “reset” qualifies as an utterly failed, cretinous policy and should be ended immediately. Because the Obama Administration, which does not have America’s interests at heart and is heavily influenced by Russia, refuses to admit to its grave mistake and correct course, however, the only way this failed policy can be scrapped is by electing a President Mitt Romney, who understands the failure of the rest and the need to change course.

Folks, please send this to everyone you know.


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