“Security Moms are back”, says Jeri Thompson

In a blogpost published on September 21st in the AmSpec’s pages, Jeri Thompson rightly wrote:

“One overlooked segment of the voting public that played a critical role in both the 2002 and 2004 election cycles was the so-called “Security Mom,” and it appears that this diverse group of women could again play a pivotal role in 2012. A full third of the respondents to a recent Secure America Now poll would fall into the category of a Security Mom based on age and other demographic data.

Secure America Now polled in two key battleground states just prior to, during and after last week’s Middle Eastern events, and what is clear from the over-arching numbers is that just as economic security is a big issue in the 2012 presidential race, national security rates just as highly. In Florida 71% of voters said national security issues are very important; almost 60% did so in Ohio. Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, the threat of terrorism attacks on the U.S., the role of extremist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood both here at home and abroad, as well as the foreign policy leadership — or lack thereof — of President Obama, and the state of America’s national defense infrastructure, all are on the forefront of the American voter’s mind.”

So it turns out that as I was saying all along, national security issues have NOT taken a backseat to the economy and DO play and WILL continue to play an important role in this presidential race. That being the case, Mitt Romney would be wise to launch a broadside offensive against President Obama on all matters of national security and say specifically what he would do differently and why.



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