Rebuttal of Flournoy’s and Kahl’s blatant lies

Shortly after Mitt Romney delivered his Oct. 8th speech at the VMI, on the same day, Obama campaign hacks Michele Flournoy and Colin Kahl made the following utterly false statement:

“Today’s latest effort to reboot and reset the Romney foreign policy doesn’t change the fact that he’s repeatedly taken positions outside of the mainstream and often to the right of even George W. Bush. This isn’t surprising. After all, Romney is advised by the same people who were responsible for some of the worst foreign policy failures in American history, including the Iraq War. And now he wants to take us back to the same with-us-or-against-us approach that got us into wars without getting us out of them.”

On the contrary, Romney’s positions are squarely in the American mainstream. It is Obama’s positions on foreign policy that are outside the mainstream and to the left of Jimmy Carter. Examples include, but are not limited to, driving America towards unilateral nuclear disarmament, massive defense cuts, promising Russianto give up on missile defense after the November election (if he’s reelected – God forbid), and the appeasement of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba.

Romney did not try to “reboot and reset” his foreign policy positions – he has consistently held the same positions on foreign issues and has been consistently saying the same things about them.

As for “some of the worst foreign policy failures in American history” – don’t make me laugh. The OBAMA Administration is responsible for some of the worst FP failures in US history, beginning with the failed attempt to appease the Iranians in 2009, and culminating with the utter failure to protect American consulates, embassies, and diplomats against the recent terrorist attacks, resulting in the death of four American diplomats, including a US Ambassador.

As for getting America into wars, don’t make me laugh. Barack Obama has significantly DEEPENED America’s involvement in Afghanistan, has utterly failed so far to get America out of that country, and last year started an unconstitutional, illegal war in Libya (at a time when over 100,000 American troops were still in harms’ way in Iraq and Afghanistan). Meanwhile, his precipitous, premature withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq last year has made that country dramatically less safe. So don’t lecture Romney about getting America into wars, when Obama has a far worse record on that score. He starts new wars before finishing previous ones.

As for “chest-thumping” and “the same with-us-or-against-us” approach, that’s also BS. Romney has done nothing of the sort. What he HAS SAID, and he’s right to say that, is that there are some countries which are implacably hostile to the US and which understand only strength; and he will rebuild America’s military and send clear signals to these countries that he will not tolerate any mischief on their part. And that’s exactly what an American President should tell them – as opposed to the messages of craven Chamberlainian appeasement that Obama has been sending them for the last 3.5 years.

Flournoy’s and Kahl’s attempt to defend Obama’s sordid FP record is pathetic. To borrow words from Kathleen Parker, if BS were currency, Flournoy and Kahl could bail out Wall Street by themselves.


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