The consequences of the 2012 election

The choice the American people will make on November 6th will be the most important one in US history. At stake will be not only America’s superpower status and economic health, but also America’s ability to defend itself, and thus its security.

If the American people make the wrong choice, the consequences will be disastrous, and will be felt in the short and the long term alike.

We already know, from his public statements and his track record, what policies will Obama pursue.

If elected, he will deeply cut America’s already-barely-adequate nuclear deterrent to the low hundreds. His administration has already admitted it is mulling plans to do so and that the only question for them is how deeply to cut it, not whether to cut it at all. Obama himself has already falsely claimed, despite the NPR Implementation Study not being complete yet, that he’s confident that “we have more nuclear weapons than we need.”

Newspapers such as the Washington Post have also admitted that if reelected, Obama will make “major cuts” in America’s nuclear arsenal. This is not surprising: Obama (like other leftists) believes that US military might is a bad thing, so he seeks America’s unilateral disarmament. Moreover, he childishly dreams of a “world without nuclear weapons”, but the only country he can verifiably disarm is the US.

Obama will also make deep cuts in America’s conventional military capabilities. If he’s reelected, the sequestration of defense spending (i.e. deep cuts in operations, training, maintenance, and modernization) is guaranteed, which in turn will gut the US military, as all of Obama’s Joint Chiefs and his own Secretary of Defense have admitted.

But even if sequestration is averted, Obama’s own defense spending plans – under which the Navy’s cruiser, destroyer, and submarine fleets, for example, will see deep cuts – will ensure that the US military becomes much weaker and emasculated over time. This will only compound the consequences of his previous defense cuts, including the termination of such vital programs as the F-22 Raptor, without the resumption of which the US will most assuredly lose air superiority sometime down the road. And that will mean losing an entire war, because the entire US military is built on the presumption that the US will quickly achieve air superiority. Neither the Navy nor the Army and the Marines have any equipment or training to deal with massive air attacks, and are completely dependent on the USAF to achieve air superiority. The Navy’s and the Marines’ Bug and Super Bug aircraft are ground attack jets, not fighters, and are decisively inferior to even the 1960s MiG-21 and its Chinese J-7 clone, let alone to later Russian and Chinese fighters such as the Flanker family, the J-10 Sinocanard, the PAKFA, and the J-20.

Only the F-22 Raptor can defeat these fighters.

Obama will also ruin the US economy by doubling down on his economic policies, including massive tax hikes on “the rich”, not reforming entitlements, maintaining Obamacare, and growing civilian federal spending.

The consequences of such ruinous economic and defense policies are easy for anyone but the willfully blind to forecast: the inevitable collapse of American economic and military power, the end of the “American Century”, and the beginning of the “Chinese Century”: a period of supremacy of Chinese economic and military power. The seeds of America’s own undoing and for the growth of China’s economic and military might have already been sown.

What if Mitt Romney is elected?

If elected, he will certainly face a very difficult situation: a sky-high debt of $16 trillion, an annual budget deficit of $1.3 trillion, entitlements threatening to bury America under an even higher mountain of debt, a weakened military, and high unemployment.

Whether Mitt Romney turns America around like he turned failed businesses and the Salt Lake City Olympics around remains to be seen. As CEO, Mitt Romney did not have to fight an obstinate Congress with one chamber controlled by the Democrats. Nonetheless, Mitt Romney has shown the skills necessary to turn the country around and willingness to do so – to rebuild America’s economic and military might.

With Romney, there is a serious chance of America rebounding and responding to China’s challenge successfully. With Obama, there is zero chance of this happening, as Obama neither knows nor is willing to do what is necessary to achieve that. So with Obama, America’s decline and fall as a superpower (not to mention, as the world’s most powerful country) will be inevitable, as will be China’s ascent as the new top dog.

This will mean, sooner rather than later, the end of the “American Century”, and the beginning of the “Chinese century”.


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