Traitor Ron Paul exposed: he’s extremely weak on defense

Readers of this site already know that Ron Paul opposes not only all of America’s interventions abroad, alliances with foreign countries, and bases abroad, but also advocates (and has repeatedly voted for) deep defense cuts at home, cuts to America’s own self-defense capabilities, including a deep cuts in America’s nuclear deterrent (e.g. reducing the USAF’s ICBM fleet from 450 to just 300, far fewer than what Russia has).

But what Readers may not know – and what I didn’t know until Oct. 31st – is that Ron Paul has also been a cosponsor of a very radical anti-defense bill (introduced by the House’s most extreme leftists) in every Congress in which that bill has been introduced. The bill in question is the so-called “Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act”, introduced every 2 years by Rep. John Lewis (D-GA-5). The most radical leftists in the House, including Raul Grijalva, Jim McGovern, Jim McDermott, James Oberstar, and Barbara Lee regularly sign up as cosponsors. As does Ron Paul.

But while a lot of leftist loonies joined Paul in cosponsoring this bill in 2009 in the 111th Congress, only Lewis (the original sponsor) and 5 other extreme Democrats (Lynn Woolsey, Pete Stark, Raul Grijalva, Rush Holt, Jesse Jackson, and John Conyers) joined Paul in consponsoring it in 2011 in the 112th Congress. Even Tammy Baldwin (D-WI-2), who intended to run, and is now running, for Senate in Wisconsin, did not sign up in 2011 (although she has cosponsored other radical bills, including the infamous anti-nuclear H.R. 3974).

OTOH, Paul had no qualms about cosponsoring this extremely leftist, dangerous bill.

Had it been passed – but thankfully, it has been killed in committee in each Congress – the bill would’ve cut off part of funding to America’s soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines – even for nonviolent purposes like training, feeding, housing, uniforms, salaries and medical supplies. It would’ve allowed every taxpayer who objects to his money being spent on anything military-related to be spent on that… while not allowing those taxpayers who object to their money being spent on UNCONSTITUTIONAL agencies like the Education Department to be spent in that manner.

This is the final nail in the coffin, and additional proof (if any proof were needed) that Ron Paul, contrary to the blatant lies spread by his supporters that he “supports a strong defense and only opposes our irrational policy of offense”, opposes ANY kind of defense for America, and ANY amount of money being appropriated to that purpose.

Ron Paul is not only a pseudoconservative and a RINO, he’s also a despicable person and a traitor. He should be arrested, tried, convincted, and punished to the maximum extent of the law for treason.


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