Hans M. Kristensen exposed: lifelong anti-nuclear, pro-unilateral-disarmament advocate

Folks, you might remember how viciously disarmament advocates reacted to Professor Karber’s and General Yesin’s studies showing that China has far more than the 240-400 warheads that these disarmament advocates and the USIC claim China has.

It turns out that one of the most prominent of these advocates, Hans M. Kristensen of the FAS, is a lifelong anti-defense, anti-nuclear, pro-Western-disarmament hack who spent the 9 last years of the Cold War (1982-1991) and the next 5 years with Greenpeace (in 1982, at the mere age of 21, he became its National Coordinator for Disarmament), and for the last 30 years, he has been continously campaigning for the West’s, including America’s, unilateral disarmament. Here is his CV:

The source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_M._Kristensen

Also, on the FAS’s blog which he edits, he has overtly stated that he thinks America’s unilateral disarmament would be a good idea, because it would allegedly encourage other countries to do the same.

Kristensen is, in short, a lifelong supporter of and activist campaigning for America’s and the West’s unilateral disarmament. During the Cold War, as Greenpeace’s National Coordinator for Disarmament, he advocated the West disarm itself unilaterally vis-a-vis the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. Now, he advocates that the US and the West do the same while Russia and China are building up their nuclear arsenals.

During the Cold War, he and other Greenpeace pro-unilateral disarmament activists were the Soviet Union’s useful idiots, urging on the West to unilaterally disarm itself while Moscow was continuing its unprecedented, huge military buildup – the largest peacetime military buildup in history.

Now, he and other anti-defense, anti-nuclear hacks are Moscow’s and Beijing’s useful idiots, calling on the US and other Western countries to disarm themselves while Russia, China, North Korea, and Pakistan are growing their nuclear arsenals and fleets of delivery systems, and Iran is racing towards nuclear weaponry.

They are downplaying the threats posed by Russia, China, North Korea, and others, making utterly false claims about their capabilities to lull the public into a false sense of security, while demanding that the US disarm itself unilaterally. Kristensen even falsely claims that there is “ample historical evidence” that deep unilateral cuts in the US nuclear arsenal and US strategic programs have led to reciprocation by others. He cites the Soviet Union’s and Russia’s late 1980s and early 1990s cuts, and Britain’s and France’s cuts in their own arsenals.

But the cuts in Moscow’s nuclear arsenal began in the 1980s as a result of the INF and START-I treaties (by which they were mandated), well BEFORE President George H. W. Bush announced his unilateral (and deeply damaging) cuts to America’s nuclear arsenal and strategic programs, which Russia did NOT reciprocate. The cuts made by Britain and France in their own nuclear arsenals only further weakened the West’s defenses and made the West much less secure – but of course, as a lifelong unilateral Western disarmament activist who began his peacenik “career” with Greenpeace, this was exactly what Kristensen wanted.

There is ZERO evidence that unilateral cuts in one country’s arsenal lead to other countries cutting theirs. This has never happened. On the contrary, there is much evidence that other countries see such unilateral cuts in a country’s own arsenal as a sign of weakness and mercilessly use such opportunities to gain and increase a military capability advantage over that unilaterally disarming country. This is what the Soviet Union did in the 1970s, while the US was unilaterally disarming itself.

If the US cuts its nuclear deterrent unilaterally, Russia, China, and other countries will see that as a sign of weakness (which it would be) and use it mercilessly against the US by expanding their own arsenals even further. (They’re already building up, while America is cutting its own arsenal and thus weakening itself.)

Kristensen has, for the entirety of his adult life, been an anti-nuclear, pro-unilateral-disarmament activist. Thus, it is not surprising to see him downplay and minimize the threats to American and Western security (including Russia’s and China’s nuclear arsenals) and to oppose the development of new nuclear warheads, delivery systems, and missile defense systems. He’s been campaigning for the West’s unilateral disarmament for his entire adult life.

He’s not credible and cannot be trusted.


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