Rebuttal of the “$1 trillion annual defense budget” lie

Wikipedia and other extremely leftist sites are propagating the blatant lie that the US has an annual defense/military budget of over $1 trillion.

Their claim is a blatant lie.

How did they arrive at such a hugely exaggerated figure? Not so much by hugely exaggerating the DOD’s own budget as by adding to it numerous items that have NOTHING to do with America’s defense and nothing to do with military operations, installations, or equipment, such as:

  • The FBI’s counterterrorism programs;
  • The entire budget of the Department of Homeland Security, which, excepting the small portion spent on the Coast Guard, has nothing to do with America’s defense or the US military;
  • The entire budget of the State Department (the vast majority of which is devoted to civilian purposes and the rest is devoted to aiding the militaries of selected allies);
  • NASA’s budget for satellites (even though the US military’s satellites are all financed from the DOD’s own budget);
  • The entire budget of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (which takes care of PAST servicemen, spends virtually all of its budget on their healthcare and pensions, and has nothing to do with defense or with military operations or equipment); and
  • Interest on debt these liars attribute to “past wars”, which they claim is between 23% and 91% (depending on the specific claimant) of all interes on the debt; in other words, they claim that past wars were waged on borrowed money and that up to 91% of the interest on the debt is due to wars. This is also a blatant lie, because past wars were, and current wars are, paid for with TAXES, NOT with borrowed money. The US federal government didn’t borrow a cent to pay for them – all of them were paid for with taxes. The US government borrows money to finance its huge, bloated, unconstitutional entitlement programs, not the military or wars.

Shame on Wikipedia and other extremely liberal organizations for propagating these blatant lies.


One thought on “Rebuttal of the “$1 trillion annual defense budget” lie”

  1. Wrong. The vast majority of what you, Wikipedia, the CDMisinformation, and other leftists claim is “related spending” is not military-related at all. The State Dept.’s budget, debt interest payments, the DHS budget, and the FBI’s budget are not military spending. Any claims to classify them as such only reveal dishonesty.

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