Miss France 2013 Marine Lorphelin: really beautiful inside and out


Although this is a blog dedicated to defense issues, this is fundamentally my personal blog, and I have many diverse interests, so today I’ll share just one with you, Dear Readers: beauty pageants and their contestants. Particularly those of France, where there are many beautiful women 🙂

The reigning Miss France is Marine Lorphelin, a 20-year-old second-year (sophomore) medicine student from Lyon, and when I first heard of her and saw her pictures and videos on the Net last December, I was struck by her beauty.  🙂 But in the months that have followed, I have repeatedly been amazed and impressed by her other characterics – especially her personality.

Marine is a nice, humorous, authentic, lively, and nearly always smiling girl – and her smile is the most beautiful thing in the world 🙂 But what I like most about her is how generous and charitable she is to those who are suffering.

She says there are two causes that are dear to her heart: protecting children’s health and campaigning for organ donation. To advance the former, she cooperates primarily with the Mecenat Chirurgie Cardiaque, a French organisation that raises money (through donations, bequests, frequent flyer miles, and fundraising events) to pay for the surgeries of children suffering from heart diseases and living in poor countries. To raise funds for the group, Marine has ran in the Marathon of Paris and participated in the Fort Boyard tele-tournament, where she performed numerous dangerous tasks (e.g. diving and riding a bike underwater, diving in ice-cold water, doing a bungee jump, etc.) and, with her colleagues, won over 18K euros – enough to pay for the surgery of two children!

To advance her other cause, organ donation, she speaks about it publicly and often, and has decided to become, posthumously, an organ donor herself.

She has also participated in other tele-tournaments, winning, with talk show host Sebastian Cauet, 48K euros for the fight against AIDS.

She has also visited several hospitals treating ill children, most notably the Robert Debre Hospital in Paris and the children’s hospital in Lourdes, France, near the Lourdes Basilica, which she visited on October 3rd, becoming that Basilica’s Honorary Pilgrim. (Interestingly, Robert Debre was the father of modern French pediatry and wrote a 2500-page treatise on the subject. Marine will probably have to study it at the university 🙂 )

All of which brings me to whom Marine is and why I really admire her 🙂 Marine wants to become a pediatrician and dreams of becoming one since her childhood. She will soon begin her third year of medicine studies and will have her first practical contact with her future profession when she begins semiology classes. She prioritizes her medicine studies – which will take her 9 more years to complete – above everything else. Although she could accept one of the offers she’s received from the media and the showbiz world, and get rich and famous in a few years, she’s refusing to accept anything that would interfere with her medicine studies.

Marine believes her mission in life is to save people’s (especially children’s) lives and health and relieve their suffering. She says (quite rightly) that a sickness striking a child is the greatest injustice that can be. So she wants to become a pediatrician and do all she can to treat sick children. She won’t let anything get in the way of that mission.

She is so selfless that she wants to dedicate her life and her career to protecting children’s health. And she’s thinking of having children of her own, and giving them a good home in a nice, preferrably rural, setting in Burgundy. She doesn’t seek glory, fame, or wealth, and has condemned those doctors who do; indeed, such pursuit of wealth and fame goes against the very oath that all French doctors take.

Marine is a selfless, noble, and intelligent young woman. She embodies the ideal of a woman: of being beautiful inside (in terms of character) and out (physically). And she wants people to appreciate more than her physical beauty. 🙂

Well, here’s one person who does 🙂 I like Marine’s beautiful actions even more than her outward beauty 🙂

Vive la France et sa belle Miss!



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