Miss USA Nia Sanchez is absolutely right about self-defense

I usually don’t comment on beauty pageants and their winners, but today I’ll make an exception.

The new Miss USA, Nia Sanchez, has been asked what should be done about the (overstated, BTW) plague of college campus rapes and sexual assaults. One of the remedies she has proposed is teaching girls how to defend themselves using martial arts (Sanchez herself has a 4th degree belt in taekwondo).

Predictably, the entire feminist/leftist crowd has exploded in fury, saying that:

“Women shouldn’t need to learn to protect themselves against rape educate and respect yourself as a woman


The feminist/leftist crowd is obviously angry that someone – and a beautiful woman, no less! – has suggested that women should be taught, and be able to, protect themselves against rape/sexual assault. They go as far to say that using martial arts to defend yourself “is not a solution” and that “women shouldn’t need to learn to protect themselves” !


For two reasons. Firstly, feminists hate men. For them, the only solution to the (grossly overstated) college campus rape problem is to send all men to concentration camps (something many feminists have long advocates) and to continually demonize them, for if the college and military sexual assault problem were to disappear, so would the feminist movement’s raison d’etre.

But secondly, and more importantly, feminists are an integral part of the overall Left – and the Left has ALWAYS advocated unilateral disarmament of good people: individuals as well as nations.

Just as the Left has long advocated, and still advocates, America’s total and unilateral disarmament in the military and economic arenas (see e.g. New START and the Global Zero group) and disarming all law-abiding American citizens, so has it advocated that women forever remain completely unarmed, defenseless victims who cannot defend themselves against sexual (or non-sexual) predators – rapists, robbers, thieves, tresspassers, stalkers, etc.

I repeat: feminists, and the entire Left, are doing ALL women HUGE harm. They advocate that women forever remain DEFENSELESS VICTIMS PRONE TO ATTACK BY ANY EVIL PERSON.

Teaching women martial arts, and allowing them to own guns, by contrast, would enable them to defend themselves successfully against criminals. It would prevent criminal attacks, including sexual assaults.

For those women who read my blog, I’ll ask you directly: do you want to be potential victims, or do you want to have the tools to defend yourselves? Do you want to be at someone else’s mercy – the criminal’s and the justice system’s – or to take matters into YOUR OWN HANDS and protect yourself? Do you want yourself or someone else to be the master of your fate?



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