Rebuttal of Robert Farley’s ignorant garbage about American weapons

The Leftist “National Interest” magazine has just published an utterly ridiculous garbage screed by an extremely leftist anti-defense hack, Robert Farley, known for his hatred of America, US military power, and American nuclear weapons in particular.

In his screed, “The Five Most Overrated Weapons of War”, Farley lists nuclear weapons, National Missile Defense, the spectacularly successful A-10 Warthog, the Tomahawk missile, and Predator drones as the 5 most overrated weapons in US history. Needless to say, all of his claims, except those about Predator drones, are blatant lies.

Take his idiotic rant against US nuclear weapons, for example:

“Nuclear weapons have, in an important sense, dominated international diplomacy for the last six decades. What they haven’t dominated is warfare, where they appear to be nearly useless in all configurations. (…) But since World War II, the United States has eschewed the use of nuclear weapons, even against capable non-nuclear opponents.  Because of the deep political complexity associated with their employment, the weapons simply have too little battlefield and strategic impact for the US to seriously entertain their use.”

Utter garbage, written of course by the completely ignorant, yet very opinionated, Robert Farley.

Nuclear weapons are the most useful, most powerful, most needed, and most UNDERrated and UNDERappreciated weapons out there. They have successfully defended the US and all its treaty allies from nuclear, chemical, biological, and large-scale conventional attack for over 68 years now. It is ONLY because of these “nearly useless in all configurations” weapons that Farley is alive today to write ignorant garbage about the weapons to which he owes his useless life.

The reason why nuclear weapons haven’t been used in actual wars is because they PREVENT wars between the powers that have them and thus force them to deal with each other either diplomatically – where, by Farley’s admission, they serve as important bargaining chips – or by proxies.

Nuclear weapons thus allow the US to subdue the enemy without fighting, which, according to Sun Tzu, is the acme of generalship.

A weapon that allows the US to win and to keep peace without fighting is worth a million times more than a weapon actually used in war.

Farley’s lunatic rambling against US missile defense systems is equally idiotic:

“The United States has wasted extraordinary resources over the past three decades on the phantom of national missile defense.  The current system of systems involves Aegis sea-based interceptors, Ground-Based Midcourse Defense, and Terminal High Altitude Air Defense. Anticipated systems include both airborne and laser components.”

No, the US has not “wasted” money on missile defense, and it is not a fantom, it’s a fact. Nor were the resources invested in it “extraordinary”; in fact, the US has spent only 164 bn since 1983 on missile defense. That works out to roughly 6 billion per year – barely 1% of the DOD’s base budget.

As for National Missile Defense, the system has passed most of its tests; even the failed tests have produced much useful data utilized to improve the system; it works; and further improvements, including redesigned kill vehicles, better sensors, newer radars, and better discrimination systems, are on the way.

And as Farley himself admits:

“Theater missile defense has made enormous strides, as has sea-based missile defense built around the Aegis SAM system. Theater systems, focused on conventional ballistic missile attack, can substantially reduce damage to civilian areas and to military installations.  Where conventional munitions are concerned, hitting 75% of the incoming warheads is very helpful.”

I will not even bother to respond to Farley’s ignorant, garbage attacks on the A-10 and the Tomahawk missile. These weapons have proven themselves – time and again – in actual wars so many times that I’ll let their record speak for itself. They don’t need me to defend themselves. Their record speaks for itself. No wonder why the Congress has barred the USAF from retiring the A-10 and appropriated money to keep producing Tomahawks. These weapons’ actual performance speaks for itself.


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