National Defense Panel Confirms What I’ve Been Saying For a Long Time

The bipartisan National Defense Panel – a group of former high-ranking defense officials and analysts appointed by the Defense Secretary and by the Chairmen and Ranking Members of the Congressional defense committees – has recently released its report on the state of America’s military.

This report is a clear-eyed, unbiased analysis of America’s defense needs and was commissioned by Congress as a credible alternative to the DOD’s “Quadrennial Defense Review”, which basically no one outside the Federal Government considers credible.

That’s because successive QDRs have been irredeemably biased, rigged, and not credible, because they were written AFTER defense budgets were proposed, and served ONLY to justify budgetary decisions (read: crippling defense cuts) already decided by the administration in office.

The latest (2014) QDR exemplifies this trend well. It greatly downplays the threats to America’s national security, and consequently, the military resources needed to counter them. In effect, it only serves to justify the Obama administration’s unjustifiable, dramatic defense cuts.

The 2014 QDR, like the previous ones, was driven by the budget – not the other way around, as it should be.

Under the Obama administration, defense policy is driven by how much the President and the Congress willl decide to spend on defense.

The National Defense Panel, by contrast, has conducted a holistic, comprehensive, unbiased review of America’s defense needs and has concluded that the threats to America’s security, and consequently, the amount of resources needed to counter them (money, ships, aircraft, etc.), far exceed what the White House and the Congress are prepared to admit or invest.

The National Defense Panel’s report clearly says the same things I’ve been saying for years, namely, that:

  • America’s defense spending in the coming decade will be woefully inadequate if sequestration persists.
  • The US Navy is too small and needs to have between 320 and 346 ships.
  • The US Air Force is also too small.
  • The vast majority of the US military’s equipment needs to be recapitalized and replaced.
  • America’s aging nuclear arsenal is in urgent need of replacement.
  • America’s monopoly on advanced military technology is a thing of the past.
  • America’s technological edge over its potential foes is eroding very fast, and faster than Washington officials are prepared to admit.
  • The panoply of anti-access/area-denial weapons fielded by various foreign nations, especially China and Russia, is turning entire regions into no-go zones for the US military except the handful of American platforms (such as B-2 bombers) that are stealthy, survivable, and lethal enough to pounce on the enemy.

The Panel does not pull any punches when it comes to condemning sequestration, and warns that the US military will be gutted if this diabolical mechanism persists.

Folks, this is exactly what I’ve been saying for a long, long time.

I’ve been warning since 2011 that sequestration is going to completely GUT the US military, making it unable to properly defend US national interests.

I’ve also been warning about the other forementioned issues for years.

Once again, I’ve been proven ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, and those who denied the above facts have been proven completely wrong. They include POGO, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Pat Buchanan, Dan Mitchell, Larry Kudlow, and Veronique de Rugy.


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