Political Parties: The Greatest Danger to Individual Liberty

What is the greatest danger to your and my individual liberty? To your and my personal and economic freedom?

You may answer, “Barack Obama”, “the IRS”, “gun-grabbers”, “political correctness”, “the Leftist media”, etc. But you would be wrong.

Political correctness is just one of the many symptoms of the loss of freedom. The IRS, the Leftist media, and the gun-grabbing BATF are just some of the federal government’s tools of oppressing you and taking away your liberty.

Barack Obama is just one among many millions of power-hungry Democratic Party politicians, the current de facto leader of that Party, and a faithful implementer of that Party’s policies.

Because Barack Obama is just a part of the problem.

The biggest problem, and the source of all others, the greatest danger to your individual liberty and mine, is political parties.

It is no accident that in his Farewell Address, the biggest danger George Washington warned against were political parties.

Many people, especially on the political Right, are annoyed by tax and spending hikes, the ballooning national debt, the repression of right-wing groups by the IRS, the pro-Democratic-Party bias of the “mainstream media”, Hollywood, schools, and universities, the importation of millions of Third World socialist-minded illegals into the country, gun and fracking bans, Obamacare, and continued other bans on various kinds of activities the federal and state governments don’t approve of.

But these are mere symptoms of the disease. Its root cause is simple: political parties.

All of that evil repression and ever-growing limitation of your personal and economic freedom is occurring for a practical reason. None of it is happening by accident. Nor is it happening for purely ideological reasons, i.e. it isn’t happening because the Democrats believe this will make the country and its citizens better off.

While some Democrats, especially on the far Left, believe that with ideological zeal, the truth is, most Democrats, including Obama, don’t care one iota whether this will make the country and its people better off or not. They couldn’t care less whether it will help the country or drive it off the cliff. They don’t care if it will make the American people wealthier or poorer.

The Democratic Party doesn’t mean well. (I’ll get to the Republican Party in a minute.) It means ill.

It doesn’t care whether its policies will make the country and its people better off or not. All it cares about is whether its policies will allow it to REMAIN IN POWER – e.g. by maintaining and expanding the permanent dependency class which lives off federal handouts paid for by taxpayers. (This includes the couch potatoes who spend their entire day watching TV on their plasma screens while eating junk food.)

For the same reason – to REMAIN IN POWER INDEFINITELY – the Democratic Party has, since the 1960s, facilitated the importation of tens of millions of legal and illegal immigrants from the Third World – people with socialist, collectivist mindsets. People who, instead of changing themselves to adapt America, demand that America change to adapt to them.

Republicans, for their part, are afraid of dismantling, or even seriously cutting, the welfare state, because they know most Americans want to KEEP their federal handouts. If they proposed scrapping them, most Americans would rise in protest and shout: “Don’t you even THINK about taking away MY Social Security, MY Medicare/Medicaid, MY foodstamps, MY free cell phone, MY farm subsidies, MY unemployment insurance, MY welfare, and MY XXXX!”

As Mitt Romney has said, the dependency class is a permanent voter bloc of the Democratic Party.

Likewise, Republicans are deadly afraid to vote against amnesty for illegal aliens, because they fear (and are being told from all sides) that if they oppose amnesty, Hispanics will forever oppose them, which would mean their PARTY would never again REGAIN POWER. And they do not want to become a permanent MINORITY PARTY. They want to once again be THE PARTY IN POWER.

Note that I’ve repeatedly capitalized phrases like “REMAIN IN POWER”, “REGAIN POWER”, and “THE PARTY IN POWER.” I’ve done this deliberately, because ultimately, the only thing the Democratic AND the Republican Party want is to BE IN POWER. POWER OVER YOU, to be exact.

And they already exercise a good measure of POWER OVER YOU, regardless of which PARTY IS IN POWER.

How did this all come about? Because a long time ago, long before you were born, power-hungry politicians in both parties – and the parties themselves, as organizations – became so obsessed with power for its own sake that they implemented a long-term plan that allowed them to seize real, huge power over the American people – and the people unwittingly accepted the plan.

Political parties have always been a danger, and George Washington warned against them in his Farewell Address. He knew that the greatest danger to individual liberty was posed by political parties. During his presidency, two parties – the Federalist and the Democratic-Republican Party – were formed.

Both parties represented only specific special interest groups and some regions of the country instead of representing all Americans. The Federalists represented the North, the finance world, merchants, and the nascent American industry. The Democratic-Republicans (Jeffersonians) represented the South and agriculture. Both were beholden to their regions’ special interests and thus acted solely for their benefit.

But at least until the Civil War, the Constitution was strictly obeyed in America, so it wasn’t possible for any governing party to have any significant power over the nation at large. The Constitution’s limits on the Feds’ powers and the American system of federalism (states’ rights) meant that the federal government had very little power, just like the Swiss government today.

So what happened?

By the late 19th century, that darn Constitution became so inconvenient and so onerous an obstacle to political parties’ and politicians’ hunger for power that it was simply completely trashed and cast aside. And the American people accepted this.

It Began In the 19th Century

Here’s what happened: in the late 19th century, there were powerful special interest groups in the US which wanted to use the fed. govt. as a vehicle for their private benefit. So did many politicians, both Dems and Progressive Repubs, who were also hungry for power for its own sake.

But they couldn’t really have much power over the American people, let alone make any real profit from the fed. govt., as long as the Constitution’s limits were in place and a majority of Americans insisted on obeying them.

So they did three things. Firstly, where and when possible, they amended the Constitution by getting the 16th and 17th Amendment ratified.

The former gave the federal government an UNLIMITED source of income to become bloated. The latter dismantled what was arguably the GREATEST limit on the federal government power: a Senate appointed by, and answerable to, state governments.

But there were still some other limits on federal power, like the nondelegation doctrine (making the Fed Reserve unconstitutional) and the Enumerated Powers Clause – oh, and that darned 10th Amendment. So what did those power-hungry party politicians (mostly liberal Democrats, but also Progressive Repubs) do?

Collectivist Brainwashers Seized the Education System

They seized control of the education system, thus brainwashing students from the 1st grade to graduate school into believing that:

a) the Constitution really doesn’t limit the federal government’s power – that it actually allows its power to expand over time;

b) that the fed. govt. has very broad powers under the Constitution; and

c) that the Constitution doesn’t matter, what matters is what people want (and say through opinion polls).

And so, politicians promised the people they’d give them “free” handout sof all kinds, as long as they’d vote for them. Thus, they effectively began buying votes. For themselves and their parties.

Of course the Democrats knew that they couldn’t institute socialism in the US immediately like it was done in Bolshevik Russia. So they began instituting it step-by-step, in small steps, in an imperceptible, gradual fashion. Later, the leader of the CPUSA said that the American people would eventually accept socialism – not outright, but in small, imperceptible steps. And so it continues to happen.
But the Democrats didn’t implement statism, and aren’t implementing socialism, because they think it is the right way to revive the economy and help suffering Americans.
They’re doing so because that has created a huge, permanent dependency class which owes their PARTY and which will continue to reelect their PARTY NOMINEES into office.

The huge federal bureaucracy that employs millions of people also owes its existence to the Democratic Party. So all those people – federal employees and the dependency class (including most blacks and Hispanics) – always vote Democratic, no matter whom the Democrats nominate – even if they nominate the worst possible scoundrel, like Obama.

Giving all these people handouts, and making all of them dependent on the federal government and on the Democratic Party, serves only one purpose: to KEEP THE PARTY IN POWER.

Republicans don’t advocate cutting those welfare programs and the federal bureaucracy too much, because they fear alienating the dependency class and thus being prevented from RETURNING TO POWER.

Elsewhere around the world, in the West, parties have used them same method to seize and retain POWER, while outside the West, parties have often used the force of arms to seize and keep POWER. Vide China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba.

But wherever they operate, and whoever they are, their goal is always the same: to SEIZE AND KEEP POWER OVER PEOPLE.


For that reason, they are the greatest danger to your individual liberty and mine. For, as Ronald Reagan said, “Man is not free unless government is limited.”


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