How missile defense opponents contradict – and thus utterly discredit – themselves

Pro-Russian, anti-American, anti-military advocacy groups such as the Arms Control Association and the Center for a Livable World have opposed America’s development and deployment of missile defenses for a long time. To justify their opposition, they have made up a number of blatant – and contradictory – lies. Following their claims to their logical conclusion reveals these claims to be completely contradictory and thus false.

Specifically, missile defense opponents:

1) Claim that North Korea and Iran are so primitive that they cannot miniaturize a nuclear warhead, let alone mate it with a ballistic or cruise missile. But in the next breath, they claim North Korea and Iran can develop decoys that can fool US missile defense systems.

Such decoys would have to be 100% identical to real warheads in terms of size, shape, flight profile, and other characteristics. In order to be a credible fake that could credibly pretend to be the real thing, a decoy would have to look and fly EXACTLY like the real thing. Primitive decoys such as chaff and balloons would not fool anyone or anything – they would easily be seen on radar screens as fakes.

2) Claim that all US missile defense tests are rigged (without presenting any evidence whatsoever to support that claim). But if they are rigged, why have some of them (including almost half of all Ground-Based Missile Defense System tests) failed? DOD personnel are not stupid – and certainly not so stupid as to fail 50% of tests they have supposedly “rigged.” If the DOD were to rig all of its missile defense tests, all of them would’ve succeeded – and the Pentagon would’ve then claimed “Look, all of our tests have succeeded, so that proves our BMD systems work!”

Some missile defense opponents have therefore changed their tactic by adopting a lie that is no less contradictory: that missile defense tests that succeed are “rigged”, while unsuccessful tests are “proof” that missile defense doesn’t work.

So, in the warped world of missile defense opponents, whenever a missile defense test succeeds, it’s surely been rigged, but if it fails, it wasn’t rigged and “proves” that “missile defense doesn’t work.”

3) Claim that America’s further development and deployment of missile defense systems will force Russia and China to build up their nuclear and ballistic missile arsenals.

But in the next breath, they claim US missile defense systems don’t work, can never work, are unproven (see claim #2), and can be easily fooled by primitive decoys (see claim #1).

That essentially amounts to claiming that Russia and China are so stupid they’ll build up their nuclear arsenals over a fictitious threat posed by missile defense systems that supposedly don’t work.

Some missile defense opponents claim explicitly that the mere prospect of any US missile defenses – even ones that don’t work – will drive Russia and China to build up their arsenals.

In essence, they’re claiming the Russians and the Chinese are so stupid they will expend their national resources to counter a nonexistent threat.

Such are the illogical, nonsensical, ridiculous, and plainly false claims of missile defense opponents. In their drive to disarm the US unilaterally – while not opposing Moscow’s and Beijing’s development of missile defenses – they are willing to make up any lies – even the most illogical and self-contradictory ones.


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