Bad news for the US: China’s Military Is Getting Stronger Every Day

Two new articles recently cross-posted by the MissileThreat website further document China’s rapid military buildup and ascent to military parity with – on track to become military superiority over – the US. These articles are available here and here.

The first article briefly narrates China’s recent development and (in most cases) introduction of many high-quality aerial, naval, and ground weapon platforms, from the J-20 and J-31 stealth fighters (still in development) to its ballistic missile submarines.

The second article focuses squarely on Chinese airpower. While it understates it – especially China’s aircraft engine supplies and development – it still contains some useful information. For example, it informs us that:

  • The H-6K bomber’s nuclear-capable land attack cruise missiles can reach targets as far away as Hawaii, thus posing a direct threat to all US assets based in that state;
  • The PLA Naval Air Force has 14 additional H-6 bombers on top of the 120 owned by the PLA Air Force;
  • The PLA Air Force has 200 J-10 Sinocanards and 300 J-11/Su-27 Flankers; and
  • Its fleet of third generation fighters has shrank to just 388 J-7s and 96 J-8s due to aircraft retirements. It is therefore highly unlikely that US and allied pilots would encounter such aircraft in case of future war with China, especially since the J-7’s combat radius is small. By contrast, the J-10 Sinocanard has an unrefueled combat radius of over 900 km, and the Su-27’s/J-11’s is 1,852 km.
  • The J-31 may very well serve aboard China’s planned fleet of aircraft carriers. If that happens, China will be the only country in the world, other than the US, to operate stealth fighters from aircraft carriers – except that the J-31 will be decisively superior to the F-35.
  • China has cyber-penetrated the F-22 and F-35 programs so deeply that it probably knows everything there is to know about these two aircraft types.

In short, these two articles demonstrate that the Chinese military threat is real, huge, and growing – thus completely belying the claims of ignorant people such as “Professor” John Mearsheimer that China’s military is completely outclassed by that of the US. The PLA, in fact, is not inferior to the US military in anything except the number of nuclear weapons – and even that is changing quickly.

UPDATE ON NOVEMBER 11TH: Here’s a video of Oriana Mastro explaining why China WILL BE a global military power faster than almost anyone in the US realizes:


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