Another Kristensen/Lewis lie bites the dust

Thanks to maps and distance-measuring websites, another lie of Hans Kristensen’s and Jeffrey Lewis’s bites the dust: that China’s Jin class boomers would have to sail well east of Japan, through straits patrolled by the Japanese navy, to hit the Continental US.


You see, the unilateral disarmament movement, most notoriously, FAS blogger Hans M. Kristensen and Monterey Institute propagandist Jeffrey Lewis, insist that the Jin class’s JL-2 ballistic missile has a very short range (7,200 kms) and therefore cannot reach the Continental US unless launched from waters well east of Japan, which, they claim, the Jin class would not be able to reach unless it were to sail through straits patrolled by the USN or the Japanese MSDF.

This is dead wrong. Firstly, the JL-2’s real range is 8,000 kms (9,000 kms according to some sources). Secondly, that range is more than sufficient to hit the West Coast from waters adjacent to China or just east of Japan. For example:

  • The distance from Akita (a town on Japan’s west coast, on the Honshu island) to San Francisco is 7,992 kms; to Naval Base Kitsap, 7,346 to Seattle, just 7,368 kms; to Portland, just 7,475 kms. So a Jin-class submarine armed with JL-2 missiles could hit San Francisco from waters just east of Akita; and could hit NB Kitsap, Seattle, and Portland while positioned hundreds of kilometers west of Akita, in international waters, in the Sea of Japan.
  • From Los Angeles, the distance to Akita is over 8,500 kms, but the distance to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is 7,937 kms, so a Jin-class sub could be positioned in the Sea of Japan, west of Sakhalin, or in the open Pacific just east of Sakhalin, and still hit Los Angeles. It could also hit Las Vegas, which is just 7,970 kms away from Y-S.
  • The distance from Sapporo, a city on the western coast of Hokkaido Island, to NAS Fallon (home to the TOPGUN school), is 7,832 kms, so a Jin-class sub could blow Tom Cruise’s TOPGUN school to smithereens with a missile launched well west of Sapporo, from international waters in the Sea of Japan.
  • The distance from Qingdao, China’s northernmost submarine base, to Seattle, is 8,832 kms, and to NB Kitsap is 8,812 kms. So if the JL-2’s range is 9,000 kms, a Jin-class submarine could hit them with nuclear warheads while sitting in dock at Qingdao!

Yet another Kristensen/Lewis lie bites the dust.


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