US Intel confirms: the DF-41 HAS been MIRVed

As the Washington Free Beacon has just duly reported, China’s defense ministry has confirmed Beijing’s latest test of the DF-41 heavy ICBM – meanwhile, US intelligence says the missile was tested with simulated multiple warheads, and can deliver multiple warheads to the Continental US:

“China’s People’s Liberation Army on Thursday confirmed that its military conducted a flight test of a new long-range missile that U.S. intelligence agencies say involved the use of simulated multiple warheads. (…)

Military analysts said the test of China’s long-range nuclear missile that can carry up to 10 nuclear warheads increases the strategic threat to the United States. The Pentagon has said the DF-41 will be able to target all of the United States.”

This completely debunks yet another lie of the pro-unilateral-disarmament movement and one of its principal spokesmen, Hans M. Kristensen, who has falsely claimed – and insisted – that it was far from certain China would deploy multiple warheads (in a MIRV bus) on the missile.

He was making such ludicrous claims even though China had a) spent a good part of its national treasure developing the MIRVable DF-31 and DF-41 ICBMs; and b) deliberately obtained MIRVing (multiple warhead delivery) technology from American companies in 1996:

“China’s MIRV technology is based on illegally exported U.S. satellite technology transferred during the administration of President Bill Clinton.

Lockheed Martin was fined $13 million in 2000 as part of the illicit exports that China diverted to its MIRV warhead program.”

Yet, even though these facts have been known for years, Kristensen and the rest of the unilateral disarmament movement were still denying that China intended to deploy multiple warheads on its missiles.

Those anti-nuclear hacks are also still denying – to this day – that China has more than a few hundred warheads, even in face of clear evidence to the contrary. But truly credible analysts warn that China’s nuclear arsenal must not be underestimated. As reported by the WFB:

“Phillip Karber, a Georgetown University professor who is associated with the Asian Arms Control project, said the DF-41 test with multiple warheads is an indication that China’s strategic nuclear arsenal could increase “quite rapidly.””

Let’s not forget that the DF-41 is likely to be deployed as early as next year – which is only 5 days away:

“The congressional U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission stated in its annual report made public earlier this month that the DF-41 will carry up to 10 warheads and initial deployment of the mobile missile is expected next year.”

A single Chinese Second Artillery Corps regiment has 6-12 missile launchers and 6-12 reload missiles, so when the DF-41 achieves initial operating capability – which could happen next year – China will instantly be able to aim at least an additional 12 missiles and 120 warheads at the Continental US.

Also, DOD officials have confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon that – as the Navy and the Pentagon’s 2014 report on China’s military correctly predicted – China’s ballistic missile submarines began strategic deterrence patrols this year, thus debunking two other Kristensen lies – that Chinese boomers have never gone on patrol, and that Chinese nuclear warheads are stockpiled in a central storage and never loaded on Chinese submarines:

“China’s new Jin-class ballistic missile submarines began the first sea patrols this year as predicted by senior Navy officials and the Pentagon’s annual report on the Chinese military, according to defense officials familiar with intelligence reports of the sea patrols.

The nuclear missile submarine patrols also mark a major step forward in China’s large-scale nuclear forces build up that has been carried out largely in secret.”

Finally, the WFB and the Georgetown AAC Project reveal some interesting info that indicates China’s nuclear arsenal buildup will continue further:

“The report also reveals that China’s military is developing new tunneling technology that will permit widening construction of some of the 3,000 miles of underground strategic nuclear facilities. The new tunnels size of 17 meters wide by 10 meters wide will permit adjacent passage of road-mobile DF-31As and DF-41s as well as a possible rail-mobile ICBM variant in a single tunnel, the report said.”

Wider tunnels mean more missiles being transported through and hidden in them, which means China can increase its missile and nuclear warhead arsenal STILL FURTHER. And you can bet all the gold at Fort Knox that it WILL.

Thus, all of the unilateral disarmament movement’s lies about China’s nuclear arsenal have been utterly refuted once again. Contrary to their claims, China HAS deployed multiple warheads on its missiles and WILL deploy them on the new DF-41 missile; its nuclear arsenal is FAR LARGER than the mere 250 warheas the movement claims; China’s navy DOES have access to and operational control over nuclear warheads attributed to JL-2 missiles; it HAS loaded its boomers’ missiles with nuclear warheads; and its boomers HAVE already conducted their first strategic deterrence patrols.

Not a single claim of the unilateral disarmament movement is correct. Not a single one.


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