Obama’s Appeasement of Iran: Idiocy or Treason?

As everyone knows, Barack Obama has been pushing to get a nuclear deal signed between the P5+1 group (US, Russia, China, France, Britain, Germany) and Iran by June 30th, ostensibly in order to regulate that country’s nuclear program. Obama claims that the agreement will “forever foreclose” Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon and that, if Iran cheats, the US will have at least a year to stop the Iranian nuclear program by military means. He has also claimed that Iran had “frozen” its nuclear enrichment activity for the duration of the negotiations.

Evidence has now emerged that Obama was, as always, dead wrong.

During the last 18 months of negotiations, Iran has actually INCREASED its enriched uranium stockpile by 20%. The preliminary agreement signed in Lausanne, Switzerland, in March, obligates the Iranians – as will the final agreement expected to be signed on June 30th in Vienna – to dismantle 96% of their existing enriched uranium stockpile. But rather than dismantle it, or at least freeze their enrichment program, the Iranians have dramatically INCREASED their enriched uranium stockpile – by as much as 20%!

Not only that, but the Iranian Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, has categorically ruled out any Western inspections of any Iranian military installations!

Not only that, but the accord’s few restrictions on the Iranian nuclear program would expire after 15 years, and it contains NO restrictions whatsoever on the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missiles, nor would it obligate Tehran to stop supporting terrorist organizations.

Still worse, the Obama administration has dropped its previous demand that Iran reveal the entire scope of its past nuclear weapons work, which means the West will not know how far the Iranians have advanced already.

With Iran rejecting those inspections, and with such blatant Iranian cheating, how can one trust any agreement signed by Iran? One cannot. An agreement with Iran would not be worth the paper it would be printed on.

Yet, the NY Slimes and Obama administration officials are still deluding themselves – and the NYT’s readers – that Iran is a trustworthy partner and that the increased enriched uranium stockpile is a “problem” for Iranians which they will have to “solve.” They don’t realize at all that the Iranians consider their enriched uranium stockpile to be a great asset (for future nuclear weapon production), not a problem.

Iran is not negotiating in good faith. It is does not want to end its international isolation. It wants to develop nuclear weapons – and is apparently ready to do so at any cost, including crippling economic sanctions and international isolation.

It should be underlined that the only Western country to have taken a firm stance on the Iranian nuclear program (although that stance is not firm enough) is France, which has bravely and steadfastly resisted American pressure to agree to a Munich-style accord that would legalize Iran’s nuclear program without providing for any meaningful inspections or any strict limitations on that program.

That being the case, it is no wonder that the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf are increasingly looking towards France, rather than the US, as their primary military partner and arms vendor. Qatar has already ordered 24 Rafale jets, and the UAE are expected to follow suit later this year. Paris is also negotiating arms sales with Riyadh. Already, $12 bn worth of military and civilian sales have been concluded recently by French FM Laurent Fabius and the Saudi Defense Minister.

This confirms what I’ve recently said: being a poodle of Washington does not pay off. It’s far better to rely on France.

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