Another Country Completely Destroys Obama’s Childish “Without Without Nukes” dream

Russia, China, India, and probably Israel are all growing and modernizing their nuclear arsenals – and Russia is overtly threating to use such weapons.

This makes the Obama Administration’s childish “world without nuclear weapons” a completely unachievable fantasy that will never materialize.

Today, the Washington Examiner revealed that yet another country has made an utter mockery of that fantasy: Pakistan. It is growing its arsenal at a rate of 20 warheads per year – 4 times faster than its neighbor and archenemy, India – and may have 350 warheads (i.e. the world’s 4th largest nuclear arsenal) within the next decade, as reported by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Stimson Center.

These organizations are hardly anti-Obama nuclear weapons advocacy bastions; on the contrary, both are staffed by ardent anti-nuclear activists (their leaders support, inter alia, unilateral cuts and the disastrous “deal” the Obama administration has struck with Iran).

Commenting on their report, State Department spokesman John Kirby said:

“This is something we continue to focus on consistent with the president’s vision of a world without nuclear weapons …”

Which means that, even now, after these new facts have come to light, and even Russia’s blatant arms control treaty violations, the Obama administration STILL hasn’t realized that their “vision of a world without nuclear weapons” is not a vision but an utter fantasy.

You can judge for yourself, Dear Readers.


One thought on “Another Country Completely Destroys Obama’s Childish “Without Without Nukes” dream”

  1. Nuclear weapons are here to stay. However, that is a major problem as it means that in case of any instability in a nuclear-armed country – and few of them are not very stable (e.g. Pakistan) – nuclear weapons may get into hands of non-state actors, and be used for acts of terrorism. So, reducing number of nuclear weapons, especially in such unstable countries, is something that should be worked towards. But getting rid of them completely is an impossible dream. In this case, there is no putting genie back into the bottle.

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