Hans M. Kristensen shows his true face again: that of a pro-Russian propagandist

Unilateral disarmament advocate Hans M. Kristensen, a Danish pacifist who now runs the FAS’s “Strategic Security” program, has shown his true face – that of a pro-Russian propagandist – once again.

Commenting to the treasonous Arms Control Association on the Pentagon’s plans to develop an air-launched cruise missile (needed to replace the current, aging AGM-86 missile), Kristensen said that the Pentagon is “making a mockery of the New START treaty” by planning to deploy multiple cruise missiles on each bomber, which the New START treaty allows:

“The Air Force’s draft acquisition plan for the long-range missile “makes a mockery” of New START “by blatantly taking advantage” of the treaty “loophole” that attributes only one weapon to each bomber, said Kristensen. The Air Force plan “sends the wrong message” about U.S. intentions “and should be rejected,” he said.”

But Kristensen has no objections to Russia’s continued deployment of multiple nuclear-armed cruise missiles on each of its 231 strategic bombers (Tu-95s, Tu-160s, and Tu-22Ms), which can carry sixteen, twelve, and ten cruise missiles, respectively. Nor does he object to China’s deployment of nuclear-tipped CJ-10A and Kh-55 cruise missiles on its H-6K bombers. Nor does he object to Russia’s development and impending deployment of new air-launched nuclear-capable Kh-102 cruise missiles.

He only opposes America’s development of such missiles.

That shows his true face: that of a pro-Russian agitator advocating the West’s unilateral disarmament. And indeed, this is exactly what he has been doing for his entire adult life, since at least 1982 when he began his peacenik career as a Greenpeace pro-disarmament activist.

Needless to say, he’s lying. The US Air Force’s plan is not making a mockery of New START or taking advantage of any loopholes – not anymore than the Russians are. Nor does it send “the wrong message” about U.S. intentions. On the contrary, it sends the right message – to friend and foe alike -that the US will renew the airborne leg of its nuclear triad, including its cruise missile component, and thus protect itself and its allies from the threat of nuclear attack.

Given Kristensen’s ridiculous claims and ACA’s garbage screed about the new Air Force cruise missile program, it is hardly surprising that an Air Force official responded to their screed by writing the following:

The AF LRSO program is designed to replace current nuclear-armed air-launched cruise missiles (ALCM).  Replacement of our current ALCM is necessary to ensure that the U.S. nuclear deterrent remains safe, secure, and effective, in accordance with the President’s guidance.

The number of LRSO missiles to be acquired includes a large number of spare and test missiles that will be required throughout the life of the program.  This means that the planned purchase of 1,000 missiles includes far more missiles than we plan to operationally arm and deploy in our nuclear force.  There is no plan to operationally arm and deploy 1,000 LRSO missiles – the requirements for these systems in our guidance have not increased and we intend to deploy only a fraction of those we purchase.

Nuclear-armed cruise missiles, including the LRSO, are accountable under New START’s bomber counting rule.  The New START bomber counting rule is well understood and was fully debated during the Treaty’s ratification.  In counting one warhead per bomber, the New START Treaty advances the legacy of bomber stability and flexibility initiated under the original START Treaty. The LRSO program is fully consistent with the approach to reductions and strategic stability negotiated by Washington and Moscow.

(http://www.armscontrol.org/ACT/2015_05/News/Air-Force-Wants-Thousand-New-Cruise-Missiles; http://www.armscontrol.org/ACT/2015_03/News/Budget-Speeds-Cruise-Missile-Development)



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