Russia Is In Talks to Sell Pakistan Su-35 Fighters and Hind-E attack helos

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Syergey Ryabkov, has confirmed to a state-owned media outlet that Russia is in talks with Pakistan to sell it some of its most advanced weapons: Su-35 fighters and Hind-E attack helos.

Speaking to Sputnik News, Ryabkov said:

“I do not think that the contracts under discussion will cause jealousy on the part of any of the two sides.” [i.e. Pakistan and India – ZM]

This shows, once again, that Russia cannot be trusted – even by its longtime friends and partners. India would be well-advised to completely ditch any notion that Russia is a reliable arms supplier and start dramatically reducing, not increasing, its dependence on imported weapons from Russia.

This is all the more important because:

  1. The Su-35, a full redevelopment of the Su-27 and a fully digital fighter, is far superior to the IAF’s Su-30MKI and to all other fighters operated by the IAF.
  2. Pakistan has already ordered dozens of modern, highly maneuverable, long-ranged JF-17 fighters and is reportedly in talks with China to buy the also very maneuverable, nimble, well-armed J-10 Sinocanard. These aircraft are also superior to every fighter operated by the IAF.

If New Delhi wishes to win future wars against Pakistan, its military needs to gain air superiority – and that can be done only if it acquires modern, highly-maneuverable fighters such as Rafales or Typhoons. Buying more heavy Su-30s will not do.


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