Why Donald Trump Won

The world has woken up to shocking news : Donald Trump, a complete outsider, has won the US Presidential election, thus becoming America’s 45th President and Commander-in-Chief.

He did this despite being savagely attacked not just by the Democrats, but also by a large party of his own party, the mainstream media, and the leaders of many foreign nations. He did this in face of accusations of lying, ignorance, sexism, sexual harassment of women, and every other personal attack imaginable.

How did he pull that off ?

Of course, in large part, this is because of the low moral quality (to put it mildly) of his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, and the many scandals she’s been involved in. The fact that she used a private email service while being Secretary of State, which recklessly endangered national security, and the FBI’s investigation of the matter, did certainly play a part.

But it was not enough to sway the public opinion against her and in Mr Trump’s favor.

The main reason why the real estate mogul won is because he represents the forgotten America – the tens of millions of average Americans whom the US Federal Government, both major parties, the media, the banks, and indeed, the entire Washington establishment abandoned long ago. People who feel betrayed by the fact that:

  • In economic policy, Washington subsidizes the “locusts” – people who do not work and live at taxpayers’ expense and who are now almost 50 million in number – while suffocating those who do work with taxes and, despite these punitive taxes, driving America deep into debt ($19.8 trillion as of the time of this writing, according to this debt block). Ordinary Americans are also outraged at one-sided “free trade deals” which have brought the manufacturing industry to its knees while allowing multinational companies to outsource untold millions of jobs out of the US and to Third World countries where they can employ people at slave wages.
  • On immigration, Washington has opened America’s borders widely to over 14 million illegal immigrants (20 mn by some counts) and to chain immigration while doing nothing noteworthy to secure the border. (Hillary Clinton had promised an amnesty to all illegal aliens.)
  • On foreign policy, Washington has kept America in conflict with one nation or another for over 70 years now, involved America in several useless wars that cost thousands of lives and trillions of dollars for no benefit whatsoever, and, at the same time, allowed dozens of America’s weak allies and protectorates to free-ride on the backs of the US troops who protect them while cutting their own defense budgets. Who pays the bill for protecting these countries ? American taxpayers, of course. And they, not those allies, will pay the bill – in money and in blood – if those “allies” bog America down in some irrelevant dispute over some uninhabited rocks or islands, or over whether Ukraine or Russia has the rightful title to the Crimea.

THIS is the real reason why Mr Trump won against all odds, despite 95% of bets being on Hillary Clinton winning the election. THIS is the source of ordinary Americans’ discontent in which Mr Trump tapped skillfully in key swing states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, and New Hampshire.

As CNN has belatedly acknowledged after the fact, this is “a historic victory for outsiders that represents a stunning repudiation of Washington’s political establishment.”



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