My solutions

As a policy analyst, I have developed comprehensive, specific solutions to America’s problems.

Whereas most politicians have been merely blaiming each other and uttering slogans, I’ve been developing solutions.

Below is the list of my solution blueprints:

1) The US federal budget

The Blueprint for a Balanced Budget:

An updated version is available at:; (the third edition)

Significant spending reduction proposals, based on my Blueprint:

The blueprint for budget process reform:

2) The US economy and the size of the federal government

The Blueprint for a smaller government:

The Repealing Act (which would abolish all unconstitutional agencies, repeal all unconstitutional federal laws, and thus enforce the 10th Amendment): (short URL:

3) Defense

The Defense Reform Proposals Package:;

How to reform NATO:

Advice on how to reprioritize defense spending:

Why defense spending should be exempted from cuts – explained in one post:

4) The electoral system

Proposed changes of the electoral system:

5) Fiscal issues of state governments

Proposed reductions of state spending: (the 1st edition); (the 2nd edition)

6) Schools

The Blueprint for good American schools:

7) Liberation from Middle Eastern oil:

8: An alternative strategy for Afghanistan:


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