Why anti-G8 protestors are stupid

G8 member nations were often blamed for global warming. But anyone who has read the real CO2 emissions statistics knows that anti-G8 protestors are stupid. As this table indicates, all G8 member nations combined are responsible only for 50% of the quantity of CO2 that humanity emits. And unlike the Chinese and the Hindis, the Brits, the French, the Germans and the Italians, as EU citizens, promised to, and are obliged to, reduce CO2 emissions. The Chinese and the Hindis neither promised nor are obliged to reduce CO2 emissions.

Not that the AGW theory wouldn’t be a lie. It is a lie.

The Tories

David Noakes constantly claims that Edward Heath was the second-worst British traitor because he signed the 1972 ECSC Treaty. He also claims that the Conservative Party has been controlled by the EU since the 1960s, and the Labour Party and the Liberal Party since the 1980s. He is wrong.

Firstly, Edward Heath did sign the 1972 ECSC Treaty, but Britain became a member state of the EU because of an application submitted to Brussels by Harold Wilson, not Edward Heath, in 1969.

Secondly, the Labour Party and the Liberal Party too, like the Conservative Party, have been controlled by the EU since the 1960s. Already 41 years ago all three were pro-EU parties. Harold Macmillan (a Tory) was the first British PM to submit an application to Brussels (he did so in 1961), but Harold Wilson was the second, he submitted an application in 1964. Like the first one, it was vetoed by Charles de Gaulle, the then French president. After CDG resigned in 1969, Harold Wilson, as I already wrote, submitted the third British application. Proof:


Conclusion: the Labour Party, the Liberal Party and the SNP cannot be trusted. The Conservative Party can. The Tories just need to sack their Europhile leader.


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