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800 visitors!

No, this post is not like other posts that marked the 100th, 200th, 500th and 700th visitor. This is a unique occasion, which requires a unique post. One different from those that merely stated the day on which the 100th, 200th, 500th or 700th visitor was welcomed.

It’s the 5th time that I’ve registered yet another number, and therefore this one requires a unique post.

Today is an important day. Not just because the 800th visitor has loaded this blog, but also because the number of visitors has begun to increase faster than before. This blog was created on 18th May, 2008. Since then, its stats have changed as follows:
1) 100 guests have visited this webpage by 31st May;
2) From then until 11th June, 100 more guests have visited, bringing the counter to the number 200;
3) On July 7th, I was privileged to welcome the 500th guest;
4) On July 15th, I welcomed the 700th guest;
5) Today, on July 21st, the 800th guest has visited this blog.

The trend is that it took this blog 14 days to attract 100 visitors, then 11 more days to attract an additional 100 guests, then less than a month (exactly 26 days) to attract 300 more guests (on average, 100 guests per 11 days), 8 days to attract 100 more visitors, and 6 more days to attract 100 further visitors. The number of guests is surging ever more quickly.

Do I deserve the credit for this success?


Because it was You, Dear Visitors, who made it possible. It was You who visited this site, posted your comments and emailed me. This blog was created for You. I will always be grateful that You have visited it.