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There is a candidate…

Folks, on January 3rd, Iowa Republicans will cast their votes for their preferred candidate for the GOP Presidential nomination, with voters in other states to follow suit thereafter. I know that most Republican candidates want a credible candidate who is conservative across the board, doesn’t have a lot of baggage, and can defeat Barack Obama.

Does any of the 9 contenders fit that description? Yes.

There is a candidate who is conservative across the board – on social, economic, and defense/foreign policy issues, one who will protect unborn children, defend traditional marriage, cut and simplify taxes, eliminate unconstitutional federal agencies, rein in all three branches of the federal government, and reverse President Obama’s defense cuts.

There is a candidate who has always, consistently, been a conservative, because his conservative views are informed by his political principles and his religious and moral convictions.

There is a candidate who is not afraid to take on Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the liberal judges on the SCOTUS bench to uproot Washington DC, and recognizes that merely trimming around the edges won’t do.

There is a candidate who has served his Country in the military, as a volunteer, around the world, not sitting in the United States safely in military bases like Ron Paul did.

There is a candidate who has stayed married, and loyal, to his wife, his childhood sweatheart whom he married in 1982. He has never had any affairs, despite certain rumors to the contrary.

There is a candidate who doesn’t apologize for his conservative views and doesn’t pander to people, instead saying what he truly thinks.

There is a candidate who believes America is a shining beacon for the world, not the cause of all world evil as some claim.

There is a candidate who is such a loyal friend of Israel that he has received the Defender of Jerusalem Award.

There is a candidate who has decades of experience of governing and leading, and during that time has built a conservative record, cutting taxes, cutting spending, reducing the size and scope of government, securing America’s southern border, and creating a pro-business environment.

That candidate is the current Governor of Texas, Rick Perry.


Why America needs the FairTax

Today is April 15th, Tax Day. By this deadline, all American taxpayers must complete and send their federal tax forms. As a dear friend of mine remarked on Jefferson’s birthday, “he would be horrified to learn that I’m spending his birthday doing my *FEDERAL* taxes!”

She’s right. He would be. Because it’s unacceptable that hard-working Americans who have to pay their state and local taxes and (in most states) complete their state and local tax forms, must also do this unnecessary, long, costly paperwork of figuring how much they owe the feds and complete their federal tax forms.

The federal tax code, measuring 66,000 pages, is an extremely complicated mess. It’s extremely expensive to comply with – for individuals and businesses alike. They, combined, spend $265 bn per year to just figure out how much they owe. That’s $265 bn per year that could be used for more productive purposes. That’s effectively a 22.2% tax surcharge on every tax dollar you pay.

For small businesses, the compliance cost of this huge, complex tax code is so high that it actually exceeds the cost of tax rates themselves. Every year they pay $3-4 just to comply with the federal tax code per every tax dollar they pay to the federal government. That is, the compliance costs of the federal tax code are, for small businesses, 3-4 times higher than federal tax rates!

America cannot afford this complex Marxist tax code any longer. And no, Chairman Ryan’s “tax reform proposal” (which is actually an old, rehashed RSC proposal which would create another complex Marxist tax code on top of the existing one) is not a serious proposal, not even at the first glance.

The ONLY way to solve this program is the FairTax, which would entirely abolish the current tax code and the IRS, and to repeal the 16th Amendment.


America needs a better economic stimulus

Photo by the Gazeta Agency.

During the Floridian Republican Debate, moderated by Tim Russert of MSNBC, Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee called on the US government to spend more on freeways, and rightly claimed that the US economy would be stimulated if it did.

Huckabee thus echoed US Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), who was criticised for his proposal by Michelle Malkin. source

But the USA’s infrastructure – while it’s great – cannot be taken for granted. It needs to be radically improved.

What America needs is a new freeway Act, which will radically expand the American freeway network, which, although it is 75000 kms long, is scarce compared to the giant American territory (the US is the world’s 3rd largest country after Russia and Canada). Also, several American freeways (e.g. the I-405 and the I-5) are overcongested, so the existing freeways must be modernised.

This is a list of my proposals – a list of the freeways that should be built or modernised. Examples:

1) the part of the US-1 road from Miami to Key West should become a freeway;
2) All US Army, USMC and USN bases, and some USAF bases (e.g. Davis-Monthan AFB), should be connected to each other by freeways;
3) the Hot Springs National Park should be connected to the freeway network;
4) as should be 4 villages around Lake Winnipesaukee (NH);
5) Alaska should be connected to Canada by a freeway.

America depends on freeways, which are the ways through which most American passengers travel. Not railways. Not airports. Not ships. It is freeways that are most commonly used by the American people. If built, my proposed freeways would:
1) reduce ‘travel times’;
2) de-congest American roads;
3) save fuel;
4) reduce GHG emissions;
5) reduce the number of people dying each year;
6) give the US military a better road network (which was important for the US to win the American-Soviet War (1945-1991) and the First Gulf War (1991))
7) return $6 for every $1 invested in them to the American people; and
8) make America even more democratic than it is now, by allowing people to travel freely.

As of today, $50 bn of the $150 bn economic stimulus has not yet been given by the US government, so rather than give it, it should improve the American freeway network, so that Americans will have more roads like the one depicted in the photo included in this post.

The USA’s future President should choose either Huckabee or Giuliani as his Transportation Secretary. Both of them have plans that would improve the USA’s infrastructure.

On August 3rd, 2007, Melanie Morgan claimed that the residents of Minnesota are no longer endangered after the I-35 bridge collapsed:

There’s one big difference between the bridge collapse and the terrorist attacks of September 2001: the imminent danger to the residents of Minnesota has now passed; the danger our citizens face from Islamic jihadists has not.

Melanie Morgan’s article

No, Melanie, the residents of Minnesota (and all other Americans) are STILL endangered by America’s infrastructure, which is great, but insufficient for 300 million Americans who are employed by the world’s #1 economy. You are wrong, Melanie. Americans will only be safe when their infrastructure, for which they pay usurious taxes (like the federal diesel excise), will be modernised.

And, as Rudolph Giuliani said some months ago, the federal government cannot mend this alone. It needs partners – state and local governments.