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The treasonous WikiLeaks website, the NYT, the Guardian and Der Spiegel

Once again, the treasonous WikiLeaks website (the website which falsely alleged that an American AH-64 killed civilians in Iraq, even though these “civilians” were armed with AK-47s and an RPG that could’ve shot this helicopter down) has stabbed America and its military, together with the NYT, the Guardian and Der Spiegel.

Yesterday, WikiLeaks harmed America and its military more severely than the Taleban have done during the last 8 years: it has published 500,000 secret files (including war reports) pertaining to the Afghan war. According to the NYT, WikiLeaks did not say where did it get that information from. Nonetheless, the NYT – along with two other extremely liberal publications, the Guardian (the extremely leftist propaganda tube of the British socialist party) and Der Spiegel (which, during the Bush era, claimed that America was not a democratic country) published the information so that their AQ pals and their Taleban friends can use it against the US military.

Even the Obama Administration harshly condemned these leaks (although the information might’ve been stoled by WikiLeaks editors, rather than leaked from the DOD).

Of course, these three publications (the NYT, the Guardian, and Der Spiegel) and the WikiLeaks website are irredeemably biased against America, its military, conservatives, the GOP and conservative policies. That’s why they recklessly published this top-secret information – to harm the US military.

But they’re not just biased – they constitute nat-sec threats to America. Already as early as 2006, one conservative columnist warned that:

“BY NOW IT’S UNDENIABLE: The New York Times is a national security threat. So drunk is it on its own power and so antagonistic to the Bush administration that it will expose every classified antiterror program it finds out about, no matter how legal the program, how carefully crafted to safeguard civil liberties, or how vital to protecting American lives.”

Just like their fellow extremely-liberal newspaper WaPo, these three publications actually threaten the US. The day they become bankrupt will be a day to celebrate.

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What the Chinese are buying

I have already written a few blog posts and a few mag articles, as well as several AT comments, about what the Chinese are buying with the dollars they earn for their exported goodies. However, a new blog post was necessary, to include additional information. I’ve decided that the more info I publish, the better.

China is the #1 exporter in the world, having surpassed Germany in 2007. The annual Chinese global trade surplus is $315.7 bn as of 2007. America’s annual global trade deficit is $816 bn as of 2007. America’s annual trade deficit vis-a-vis China is $250 bn as of 2007. What do the Chinese spend their cash on? Weapons.

The Chinese are now developing XXJ fighterplanes, which will be as good as F-22s. America must therefore produce hundreds more F-22s. I have not checked if F-14s (which have been retired but could be recommissioned), F-18s or F-15Es could defeat XXJs.