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The long-term danger to conservatism, the country, the GOP, and the military

Aside from all the defense cuts that the Obama Admin and the Congress plan to make, and aside from entitlement programs, which are crowding out defense spending, there is an ever graver, but long-term, threat to conservatism, the country, the GOP, and the military.

What is that threat?

Ron Paul supporters.

Ron Paul is dead last in polls and in terms of the number of delegates. He has not won, and will not win, a single state primary or caucus. He was the biggest loser on Super Tuesday, which was won by Romney. He does not, and never stood, even the SLIGHTEST chance of winning the GOP nomination, let alone the general election. He is, and has always been, utterly unelectable.

Ron Paul himself is not the threat here. It is his supporters.


They are predominantly young and will therefore live for the next several decades. Moreover, they are brainwashing their fellow youngsters, especially (but not exclusively) on campus, with Ron Paul’s extremely leftist views and converting them to the anarcho-libertarian cause. Polls show that in most primaries and caucuses, while Ron Paul usually got crushed, he was by far the first choice of young voters, winning almost 50% of their votes in Iowa, New Hampshire, Maine, and other states.

Unless conservatives (please distinguish conservatives from liberals; there is a heck of a difference) reach out to young voters, educate them, counter Paul’s leftist propaganda, and warn youngsters not to let Paul fool them, the GOP will, a few decades from now, be dominated and ruled by the Pauliban – hardcore Ron Paul supporters who agree with 100% of his extremely leftist views, including those on defense and foreign issues.

Indeed, there has been, a few months ago, a poll surveying their own views, and most of them profess extremely leftist beliefs, even more leftist than those of Barack Obama. They want to cut defense spending by half (which would mean gutting the military), withdraw all US troops from all foreign countries, withdraw the US from all alliances and international organizations, legalize all drugs (including hard ones), and not helping any allies, not even America’s closest allies such as Britain or France, if they are attacked. And they don’t care about the consequences of these policies.

In other words, they support a complete gutting of the US military, total isolationism, and total moral hedonism, all of which are un-conservative, and deeply damaging, policies.

And yet, unless conservatives educate these young voters, they will constitute a significant minority, if not the half or the majority, of the future Republican electorate and cadre of politicians.

Mere hopes that they’ll grow up and wisen up will not, by themselves, solve this problem. Sure, some of them will certainly grow up and wisen up, and after Ron Paul retires from the political scene next year, his influence on the GOP will be smaller. But his son entered the Senate just last year and aspires to be President one day. And his political views are almost as unconservative as those of his father although, to his credit, he does not badmouth America.

Conservatives need to patiently educate young voters. This is an effort that needs to continue endlessly, as new youngsters turn 18 and begin voting.

If we don’t do this, the GOP will be taken over by the Pauliban.

And what will be the consequences? We only need to look at what happened to the Libertarian Party and the Republican Liberty Caucus when the Pauliban took them over. (Indeed, they are already trying to take over the GOP, because they realize that the LP is a non-starter.)

The Libertarian Party started as a party with high, noble ideals. Unfortunately, the Pauliban and other anarcho-libertarian scum soon took it over, after they were cast out of the two big parties.

The Republican Liberty Caucus was started by non-paulbot Republicans with a libertarian streak who were trying to influence the GOP to reduce the size of the government and to respect privacy rights. It quickly became a success. But after membership grew significantly, the Pauliban arrived and began to infliltrate it in large numbers. They eventually dominated it numerically and took it over. And they brought with them their “no one may disagree with the Prophet Paul” attitude. For them, disagreeing with the Prophet Paul is a blasphemy. Nowadays, if you disagree with anything Paul says, they call their membership list and, within a few minutes, dozens of paulistinians will be bashing you on the RLC’s forum.

There is a danger of the same happening to the entire Republican Party, unless conservatives and Republican Party members:

  • Establish formal chapters of conservative organizations (such as YAF) at hundreds of universities and colleges, including the biggest ones, and make sure that these chapters actually operate and recruit a lot of students.
  • Formulate a coherent conservative philosophy and cnservative policies on the full spectrum of issues (starting with defense and foreign policy) based on that philosophy.
  • Propose and explain these policies to youngsters, and explain to them why they are far better, and far more in line with the Founders’ wishes, than what Ron Paul and his minions advocate.
  • Explain the flaws and contradictions of Ron Paul’s policies and his extremely leftist philosophy, as well as their origins.
  • Register young voters as Republicans.
  • Encourage young voters to join the ROTC.
  • Educate youngsters about American history and about Presidents.

Of course, doing so will mean making a huge, organized, coordinated, nationwide effort. But then again, everything important to the country requires that. No pain, no gain.

Remember: the Pauliban are just as intolerant as, and much more dangerous than, the Taliban.