POGO exposed: it takes money from George Soros

You might remember, Dear Readers, that a while ago I exposed the Project On Government Oversight as a group that advocates deep, devastating defense cuts; documented that its founder, Dina Rasor, was an overt pacifist who said publicly “I find weapons repulsive”; that their proposals, if implemented (God forbid), would gut the US military for the reasons stated here; and while so doing, also proved how these ridiculous proposals betray POGO hacks’ utter ignorance on defense issues.

And now, I will present evidence that their hands aren’t clean. They advocate deep defense cuts not just out of their pacifist, anti-military ideology (which at least some of them profess); they also do so at least in part because they’re paid to do so by George Soros.

That’s right, George Soros. The same man who says he wants to “cut America down to size” and finances a gamut of other leftist organizations.

This is a list of the top 150 grantees of his Open Society Institute (which finances leftist organizations around the world, mostly in the US). POGO is on that list, in the 146th spot. Not a very high spot, but they did get $300,000 from George Soros in 2011 alone.

In 2011 alone.

There’s no information available on how much money they got from Soros in previous years, or this year. But one thing is for sure: Soros partially bankrolls POGO. And that helps explain why they advocate deep defense cuts and have collaborated in doing so with the most leftist organizations in America, such as Code Pink and “Just Foreign Policy”.



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